Our talented laboratory team works out of our laboratories in Calgary, Alberta, to conduct research and development and support our drilling, completion fluids, production chemicals and environmental services.

For more information on our lab services please contact:

Jim Masikewich, General Manager of Technical Services



  • Research & Development

    We are committed to the research, development and testing of innovative new drilling fluid products to enhance performance and productivity. The laboratory has a dynamic team experienced in drilling fluids innovation and drilling fluid patents. Commitment to research and development, combined with rigorous attention to detail ensures that innovative products are continually transferred from laboratory testing to field application.

  • Technical Publications

    As a leader and innovator in the oil and gas industry, we are dedicated to sharing our ideas on how we can improve operational excellence.
  • Technology and Innovation Centre

    SECURE Energy Services maintains a fully equipped, comprehensive 7,000 sq.ft laboratory, located in the SE of Calgary, Alberta. This facility is run by an experienced team of 7 PhD chemists, and 9 chemists with BSc or MSc. The objective of this facility is to assist our customers with technical challenges through simulations and testing, research and development of new products and education sessions.