SECURE’s 13,392 sq. ft. laboratory and technical support center is situated in Edmonton, Alberta. Most of the Production Chemicals’ technical support and training for Western Canada is also based at this facility. The fully staffed laboratory and technical services group supports the field with routine analyses, product development, product selection, application and troubleshooting expertise. Edmonton’s highly diverse and educated staff includes: one PHD Chemist, three Masters of Engineering, one Masters of Chemistry and Bachelors of Science in Engineering and Chemistry, the laboratory has been designed for accommodating testing under sour conditions. 


Some of the notable laboratory capabilities are as follows: 

Corrosion inhibitor screening and evaluation

  • Low to high pressure/temperature, sweet and/or sour autoclave testing

  • Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) testing

  • Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) bubble testing


Paraffin and Asphaltene inhibition:

  • Viscometers

  • Cold finger

  • Turbiscan technologies 

**Most testing can be done under pressure to mimic system conditions 

Hydrocarbon characterization:

  • BS and W’s

  • Viscosity and API gravity

  • Flash point

  • Freeze point / Pour point testing

  • Cloud Point (Viscosity measurement) 

Scale inhibition and remediation testing using high pressure/high temperature flow loops 

H2S scavenger uptake testing 

Sulphur Solvent uptake by Rotovap and weight loss 

Solids analysis using wet chemistry

Hydrate testing under sweet and sour conditions using autoclaves 

Particle size distribution 

Drilling and fracturing fluid evaluation, viscosity and breakdown using pressurized viscometers

Corrosion coupon evaluation

Corrosion and scale inhibitor residual evaluation

 Depending on the nature of the analyses required, SECURE also utilizes third party/contract laboratory services as required.

Suite 100, 10331 - 178th Street Edmonton, AB T5S 1R5
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Facility Personnel: 

Brian Snodgrass, Area Manager 780 293 0625