Reduce the time to drill while increasing fluid re-use and reducing disposal costs.

Improve the efficiency of your drilling program with an integrated, customized solution tailored to your specific needs. Our drilling services solution combines drilling fluids, invert blending and reconditioning, fluids and solids equipment, drilling waste management, and fluids and solids disposal services. We are always looking for new, cost-saving technologies for our clients. With a state-of-the-art laboratory and expert chemists we are constantly coming up with innovative products and solutions; bringing us one step ahead of any issues that could arise during the drilling of the well.

With 24/7 field support, a skilled team of technical programmers and PhD chemists, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide effective solutions to address our cleints’ unique needs on and offsite.

Browse through our services to see how we can optimize your well with a fully customized drilling solution and contact us to start the conversation.

Drilling Fluids

Our experience drilling technical horizontal wells has resulted in optimized operations and lower drilling costs. This is achieved through effective technology and process optimization while ensuring safety is a top priority.

Working as a partner with your drilling team, we provide the following services to maximize your well’s performance:

  • Well hydraulic simulations
  • Drilling fluid technology seminars
  • Detailed well recaps
  • Key performance indicator tracking
  • Daily drilling fluid checks (or more as needed) performed by our experienced drilling fluid field representatives
  • Technical support from our operations, technical and senior management teams
  • State of the art research and innovation centre in Calgary

Drilling Fluid Systems

Our clients benefit from our industry-leading proprietary products and systems. These include water-based, oil-based, brine fluids, SAGD and heavy oil systems as well as specialty systems such as potassium formate and silicates and fit for purpose drill-in fluid systems.

With strategic stockpoints and oil-based mud blending facilities throughout Western Canada, we are ideally situated to support your drilling program in all capacities.

  • Oil-based
  • SAGD/Heavy Oil
  • Brine
  • Silicate
  • Water-based

Drilling Program Design

Our dedicated drilling fluid programming team uses a methodical approach to creating tailored drilling fluid programs for our clients.

We start our process by conducting offset studies in order to assist any potential drilling issues. From there, we provide our client with suggested solutions. The information we gather from these studies assist our clients in generating cost effective solutions.

Invert Blending and Reconditioning

As one of the largest suppliers of oil-based mud in Western Canada, SECURE has been guaranteed a large volume supply of base oil from suppliers. With this accessibility to large amounts of base oil and with the overall fluid management process, SECURE has become a major resource for operators to satisfy their base oil needs. Our three Oil-Based Mud Blending Facilities are located in strategic locations in the centre of oil and gas development:

  • Grande Prairie, Alberta
  • Drayton Valley, Alberta
  • Fox Creek, Alberta

Lab and Field Testing

  • Lab
  • MudTrac
  • Performance Analysis Tools
  • Research and Development

Fluids and Solids Equipment

SECURE offers an extensive suite of solids control equipment to help remove unwanted drilled solid particles from fluid systems.

  • Bead recovery unity
  • Bulk barite unit
  • Centrifuges
  • Dewatering systems
  • Cuttings handling
  • Hydraulic centrifuge stand
  • Polymer injection tank
  • Premix and invert storage tanks
  • Shale bins
  • Dual containment horizontal tanks - Target TankTM 

Drilling Waste Management

Our Drilling Waste Management team provides solutions that meet the highest level of regulatory compliance while keeping the most cost-effective disposal options in mind.

  • Landspray after drilling
  • Landspray on accesses, leases and pipelines
  • Landspray while drilling
  • MBC/Landspreading disposal
  • Pump-off disposal
  • Sump Viability assessments
  • Facility disposal management
  • Hazardous waste registration
  • Waste tracking
  • Container Services

Solids Disposal

Full Service Terminals and Landfills that handle solids and fluids disposal. 

Barite Supply

  • Barite facility in Lethbridge
  • Bulk barite units

Sump Construction