Aquasorb is a synthetic polymer partially neutralized with sodium that absorbs water from oil-based systems. It can absorb several times its weight in water.
Arlox HS 600
Arlox HS 600 effectively removes H2S from OBM. Arlox HS 600 hydrogen sulphide scavenger is a liquid, oil-soluble formulation that reacts with H2S to form an oil-soluble and stable amine sulphide. When added to condensate or crude oil, toxic H2S can be quickly and permanently removed.
Aquatreat H2S
Aquatreat H2S is a water-soluble sulfide scavenger.
CORINOX is a unique, dual-purpose corrosion prevention chemical as well as an oxygen scavenger. Due to its filming ability, Corinox reduces or prevents corrosion from small quantities of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.
INHIBOX is an effective corrosion inhibitor in the presence of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide designed for use with water-based fluids.
SAFE-T-COAT is a liquid corrosion inhibitor designed for use in fresh water and brine-based fluids. It coats and absorbs onto the metal surface to prevent attack from hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and oxygen.
Zinc carbonate is a hydrogen sulfide scavenger used in both water and oil-based drilling fluids.