SECURE BEADS are durable glass beads with a low coefficient of friction.
SILGLIDE is a specialty-blended lubricant used for water-based drilling fluids.
EZ Drill
EZ Drill is a liquid lubricant designed for use with water-based fluids. It is non-foaming and biodegradable.
LubraglideĀ® Beads
Used to reduce torque and drag while drilling or during completion operations.
Radiagreen EBL
Radiagreen is an environmentally friendly lubricant effective in water-based drilling fluids.
Radiagreen EME Salt
Radiagreen EME Salt is a high-performance lubricant designed to reduce torque and drag in water-based drilling fluids, including saturated brines. It readily disperses in water and does not adversely affect rheology or fluid loss properties.