Alcomer 110 RD
A multifunctional PHPA processed to achieve excellent dispersal results. It is a high molecular weight, anionic, water-soluble, acrylamide-based copolymer.
Alcomer 120L
Alcomer 120 L is an anionic copolymer suspended in a mineral oil carrier fluid. It mixes readily into water-based drilling fluids.
Alcomer 60 RD
A readily dispersible, acrylamide-based copolymer that provides improved shale stabilization in drilling fluids with minimal effect on rheology.
Alkapam 1003D
A high molecular weight, readily dispersible, water-soluble copolymer with a nonionic charge.
Alkapam 1703 A
A readily dispersible, very high molecular weight, water-soluble copolymer with an overall anionic charge density.
Alkapam A-1103 D
A water-soluble copolymer that disperses readily in water, minimizing the formation of “fish eyes.”
Hyperdrill AE 851
Can be used alone or in conjunction with KCl to stabilize active shale in decreasing its tendency to absorb water, swell and slough off.
Hyperdrill AF/ AE Series
Readily dispersible, acrylamide-based copolymers that will provide shale stabilization and viscosity when used in higher concentrations.
Inhibidrill is a cationic, organic multivalent clay inhibitor used as a drilling fluid additive and as a fixative for water flood clay stabilization.
Inhibidrill MAX
A cationic, organic multivalent clay inhibitor used as a drilling fluid additive as a fixative for water flood clay stabilization.
Gypsum is used as a calcium source in clear-water drilling and in other inhibitive mud systems.
K-Tech II
K-Tech II is a soluble-cationic, multivalent clay inhibitor for polymer-based drilling, workover and completion fluids.
Potash can be used to protect particular sensitive clay formations as it prevents potential damage caused by the swelling or migrating of clay platelets within the formation matrix.
Potassium Sulphate
Potassium sulphate provides free K+ ions in water-based fluids to essentially protect the formation from swelling through interlayer site replacement of Ca+ and Na+.
Shure Shale
Pan ammonium salt designed for use as a replacement for bagged KCl. Shure Shale is compatible with all gel, crosslinker and breaker systems typically used.