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LEL Scav C
A designed surfactant formulation used to mitigate contamination from oils, fuels and light hydrocarbons. Product can be used for vapor suppression, odor control, cleaning, degreasing and remediation.
A specially designed product used to remove deposits of elemental sulfur. The product does not contain disulfides or DMDS and can be used in sweet or sour environments up to 60% H2S.
Water-soluble water treating additive developed for use as an iron sulfide remediation product. The product is recommended for use in producing wells, water supplies, water handling, injection and disposal systems, and pipelines.
A water/alcohol soluble hydrate inhibitor used to mitigate formation clathrates in gas and oil systems.
Blend of water-soluble corrosion inhibitors and cationic surfactants formulated with a water soluble scale inhibitor. The product finds application in producing oil and gas wells, water supply wells, water handling and injection systems, and in the treatment of pipelines. SECURE SCI-412 provides excellent corrosion control under a wide range of environments, including CO2, H2S and in the presence of bacteria. This product can be used in wet gas and produced fluid pipelines, but it not recommended for straight oil pipelines.