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Wellflux is a proprietary water soluble polymer product which is used to reduce the viscosity of heavy oils and bitumen by producing a dispersion. The dispersion created by Wellflux with oils and bitumen prevents the coalescence of the oil droplets. The dispersion can be easily broken thus the oil is easily recovered. The Wellflux is fully soluble in water which means the water phase containing the Wellflux can be reused; this adds another level of cost savings beyond its initial cost. Wellflux is stable to temperatures of 175°C which makes it suitable for a variety of cold and hot applications. The product is non-flammable and non-combustible making it safe to use at higher temperatures relative to hydrocarbon and aromatic based diluents and cleaners.
Transflux is used to enhance the mobility of heavy oil in gathering, feeder and transmission pipelines, resulting in additional throughput at lower cost compared with using diluents.
Transflux Ultra
SECURE is collaborating closely with a major client to redefine the boundaries of the Transflux technology in order to permit the transport of bitumen. A comprehensive suite of experiments using flow loops and flow lines is being performed in preparation for a field trial in 2015. This ongoing project has the objective to cost-effectively transport bitumen in a pipeline without the use of diluents.