Our Drilling Waste Management team provides solutions that meet the highest level of regulatory compliance while keeping the most cost-effective disposal options in mind. A key component of any drilling waste management program is communication and performance. Our strong operational team collaborates with clients to determine the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible method for safe disposal of drilling waste. Working with regulators, internal researches, and our in-house laboratory and drilling fluids group, we create detailed drilling waste treatment and disposal programs to achieve all program goals successfully.

We specialize in the following drilling waste management services:

  • Sump Viability Assessments (SVA)
  • Landspray While Drilling (LWD)
  • Landspray After Drilling (LAD)
  • Landspray on Accesses, Leases & Pipelines (DOALP, DFPL)
  • Pump-off disposal
  • MBC/landspreading disposal
  • Treatments and disposal programming

Facility Disposal Management

Our team manages hydrocarbon-laden and salt-contaminated waste sets for oil and gas producers throughout Western Canada.

Services Include:

  • Procuring quotes on stabilization, trucking and disposal of cuttings to ensure best price and service for clients
  • Sourcing liquid disposal options to reduce costs
  • Tracking all waste sets from well site to disposal location for complete compliance
  • Documenting lease conditions post-rig release and notifying construction of any concerns
  • Investigating sump sites/cement pits for potential non-compliance issues
  • Registering hazardous waste where applicable
  • Work with the rig to reduce waste volume

Sales Contact:

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information on SECURE's Environmental Services:

Jason Sikora
403 206 9274