• Terminalling

Alida is a blending terminal for clean dry oil. This facility has state of the art metering capabilities for truck terminalling and is capable of receiving sweet or sour oil in a range of qualities. As responsible corporate neighbours we operate this facility with the environment and public health and safety as a top priority.

  • When offloading sour hydrocarbon-based liquid and slurry loads, a closed system is used to prevent fugitive H2S emissions and occupational exposure. 
  • Our process vessels and tanks use a state-of-the-art vapor collection and recovery system to prevent fugitive emissions. When new product enters the tank, the blanket gas is displaced and sent through the vapour recovery system. 
  • The site has an intermittent piloted flare system at the site and all flaring activities meet the requirements of SMOE.  
Approval #: 
Hours of Operation: 
8AM to 8PM
Phone Number: 
306 308 0439

4 miles north of Alida on Highway 601

Facility Personnel: 

Facility Manager: Lane Harris 403 358 6999

Administrator: Sheri Patton 306 308 0439