• Fluid Disposal

Our facilities are built to the highest environmental standards and are fully compliant with all government regulations. We apply best-in-class engineering practices when designing and building our facilities to ensure that we operate with the environment and public health and safety in mind.

Full Service Rail Terminal (FSRT) Features:

  • Truck offloading utilizes closed systems to prevent fugitive emissions and occupational exposure
  • Terminals with tankage use vapour collection and recovery systems to prevent fugitive emissions and occupational exposure
  • All rail cars are inspected before and after loading to ensure full compliance with current regulations
  • We utilize mobile and fixed loading units for the purpose of loading crude products
  • Best-in-class metering systems to ensure accuracy when loading crude

Facility: #AER WM175

Railway Operating Approval Certificate: #03-0387

Ministerial Authorization Importation - Hazaround Receiver PIN: ABR - 10111

ERAP: ERP-2-1933-025  

Class II Disposal Approval: 03-07-078-04W6 12334C

Class 1b Disposal Approval: 15-11-078-05W6 12334C

Approval #: 
F47185 (Facility) 03-0387 (Railway Operating Approval Certificate)
Hours of Operation: 
24 Hours a day, 7 days a week
Phone Number: 
855 306 9389
Fax Number: 
855 827 6214
Mailing Address: 
Box 390, Rycroft, AB, T0H 3A0

This facility is approximately 5 km southeast from Rycroft, AB on highway 49. Access to the site is 0.8 km south off highway 49 on range road 50.

Facility Personnel: 

Area General Manager Rocky Gerlitz 780 357 5634

Facility Manager Foster Robinson 780 357 5608

Rhaynel Davidson 780 357 5687 5691
Abby Schmierer 780 357 5693

Area Marketer: 

Gary Collins: 780 518 8359

Rail Opportunities - Rob Slavich: 403 984 6677